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Machine model : IM3
Type : Pantograph Engraving Machine
Machine size : 580 x 510 x 280 mm
Weight : 12 Kg
Flat engraving area : 75 x 200mm @ratio 2/1
Max. allowable object size : Unlimited x 250 x 85mm
Copy table size : 150 x 405mm
Voltage : 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Spindle speed : 18,000 rpm
Cutter size : Ø3.17mm
Character reduction : 27 configiration, from 1/2" (12.7mm) - 1/7" (3.6mm)
Remark : N/A
 Optimized for easy use

Manual mode
There's no need for a computer to control this pantograph: the arm fitted with a stylus moves in the groove of the model while the other arm fitted with a pin reproduces the composition.
Thanks to the ingenious vibration-resistant depth regulating nose, this type of engraving remains even, regardless of the material being engraved.

The machines are designed to make the operator's task easier:
An auto-centering jig quickly positions the item for instantaneous engraving.
The centering bracket automatically centers the line to be engraved.
The pin mechanism is designed to make fastening and adjusting the cutter easier.
Quality engraving and versatility
The IM3 meets the manufacturing standards and benefits from Gravograph's engineering know-how.

Many different profiles of cutter made from steel, carbide or diamond are available for engraving, bevelling and scoring.

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